Training at Medway Park from 25th July 2020

As you will have heard, Medway Park is now able to reopen the Sports Centre (and Athletics track) from Saturday, 25 July. This is in line with the latest government guidelines.

Under no circumstances are Club members/Coaches able to just turn up at the Centre on what were the previous Club day/nights. We are currently working on all that is needed taking into consideration England Athletic rules to manage small groups back training at MP. As you know this is currently a 5:1 (athlete:coach) ratio which needs to be strictly followed. We will update you when we know more.

Please see MP’s requirements below.

Risk Assessments

As with all clubs you are required to provide a risk assessment on how you will run your club adhering to the various social distancing and Covid recommendations. We will need a copy of this so we can review your activity and to keep on file. This will need to be provided to us before your first booking please.

Track & Trace

All visitors to the centre will be required to provide us with their name, address and contact telephone number. This information will be kept for 21 days and be provided to the Government upon request should there be local outbreak reported. We will require you to provide this information to us for all people attending the session in whatever capacity – including yourselves – before the start of each session. Please provide this information to reception before the start of your club booking on each day you visit the centre so we can add this to our master spreadsheet.


In line with government recommendation all spectating areas will remain closed until further notice. This will help us limit the amount of people we have in the building at any one time. To enable this to happen we are asking that a club official meets anyone under the age of 12 at reception so parents are able to drop off rather the entering the building. We would also require this to happen at pick-up time please.