My Child wants to join athletics – what do I do?
The England Athletics Association (EAA) recommends that a child needs to be in school year 5 before they are able to take part in athletics. However we do let younger children come along to our Tuesdays and Thursdays sessions to try out athletics too.
We have schemes for beginners at both Tracks:
Medway Park    –                Saturday 10am to 11.30am (age 9 plus) (Panthers)
​Medway Park –                   Tuesdays and Thursdays 5.30pm to 6.30pm (age 7-11) (Minis)

Sutton Valence   –              Mondays and Thursdays 6.30pm to 7.45pm (age 9 plus) (Panthers)
Email sarahkenyon@hotmail.co.uk for further details. Please do not just turn up for these sessions.
What should my child wear?
Tee shirt and shorts with a tracksuit over the top and trainers to begin with.How much does it cost?
At Medway Park you may need to pay an entrance fee into the centre as well as any club fee.Our current membership fees are shown on the Membership Form.

The Minis/Panthers is £70 for the year but may be reduced depending on joining month.

The Panthers at Sutton Valence and Gillingham’s Saturday morning group are able to pay £5 a session if preferred.

I am over 14 and want to join athletics – what should I do?
Please contact the Club by email on our contacts page.

What is expected of Parents?
The Club relies on the support of parents not only during the training sessions – by staying and giving encouragement but also at competitions by “volunteering” to help where necessary. All Officials are volunteers too!

What about Competitions?
There are Open Meetings throughout the season that anyone can enter.  Look out for details on the website.

The Club competes in a number of Leagues which covers all age groups (U13 and above).These are usually at the weekend and all members are expected to compete for the Club during the season.  Please contact the appropriate Team Manager giving your availability.

Athletes will need to buy a club vest which must be worn in competitions. This costs £15 and can be purchased from the Club Secretary at Medway Park or by contact via the website.

How to become a Member?
Membership forms are on the website under category Membership. 

I  am a Member of another Club and want to change what should I do?
See our links under Membership to see how this is done

My Coach is based at another club, do I have to join that Club?
No, there should be no requirement to join another club when training with a specialist coach based at a site which is different from your normal local club site. However, there may be a requirement to make additional payments for facility use. These payments will vary depending on the site arrangement and coaching policy.

I want to change my coach, what do I do?
First you must go and speak to your intended new coach and see if they will accept you into their group. Then you must inform your current coach that you intend to train with another coach.

It’s the School Holidays, do you still train?
Yes training is generally throughout the year unless advised by your coach. Your coach may make other arrangements for sessions in the winter.

The weather is bad, will training be cancelled?
Training is only cancelled when the weather is exceptionally bad and it would be unsafe to use the facilities. If you attend regularly then your coach will contact you to let you know or check on the website for details.