Track & Field Safe Codes of Practice including Track rules

Track Rules

  1. Only walkers may use Lane 1. Please advise on the evening that you will be using Lane 1
  2. Warm up/down on the grass away from the track or in the outside lanes
  3. Where possible, walk or jog recoveries on the outside of the track
  4. Always look left & right before crossing the track. Be alert to different training groups.
  5. Never cross the throwing field inside the white fences
  6. Runners should not use the inner side of the field during club training sessions
  7. All throws to be made from the proper throwing area in the correct direction
  8. Young athletes (under 18s) must be supervised by a qualified adult when undertaking any field event
  9. Always be considerate of other athletes
  10. Headphones are not to be worn on the track or field area during training sessions
  11. Only paid members or those trialling are to use the track and field facilities on Club nights

    UKA Track and Field Safe Codes of Practice can be found here