Kent Cross-Country League, Tonbridge – 27th October 2018

Medway and Maidstone AC put out a very strong men’s team for the 2nd race in the Kent Cross Country League at Tonbridge last Saturday. The team result was a copy of the first race, with the club taking second in the 4-to-score and 12-to-score competition, both won by Tonbridge AC. This was a very creditable result as there were 22 finishing teams and the club had 12 finishers in the top 50 from a large turnout of over 250 runners. The club’s 23 finishing senior runners was a record for this league.

The very hilly 10 Km hilly grass course was won by Abel Tsegay (Invicta AC and Eritrean International) 32.36, followed by Maximilian Nicholls (Tonbridge AC) and Benedict Cole (Tonbridge AC) 32.53.

The Medway & Maidstone AC’s team was led by Tewelde Menges in 9th (33.46) and Tom Collins 11th (34.13). Ben Tyler, suffering from a cold, dropped back from his previous position finishing in 22nd (35.43). The 4-to-score team was completed by Mark Wilkins in 24th (35.55). Wilkins was very closely followed by Simon Habtom 25th(36.04), Jack Crossley 26th(36.05) and Marley Godden with his best race to date in 27th (36.08). More good packing followed with Michael Major in 30th (36.24), Chris Fullerton 31st (36.24), Noel Sutton 38th (37.23), Lee McMeekin 40th (37.26) and Daniel St Martin closing the 12-to-score team in 49th (37.48).


Excellent back-up was provided by Jacques Cunningham-Marsh in 56th (38.14), Barry Royden, joint M50 leader in 58th (38.25), Harry Collins 61st (38.38), Neill Wright 79th (39.37), Gareth Williams 88th (40.12), Adam Featherstone 91st (40.18), Andrejs Safars 101st (40.52), Darren Wright 126th (42.22), Alun Rodgers 131st (42.40), Sean Rodwell 141st (43.09) and Bob Fursey 152nd (44.03).

In the U20 Quinn Austin finished in 11th place (18:03) with Lorcan Rodgers 16th (24.30).

In the U17 Men Hamish Reilly finished strongly in 7th (16:36) followed by Ben Hughes 15th (17:26) and Luke Stringer 22nd (17:51) to close the 3-to-score team. With strong packing from Alex Donnelly 26th(18:17), Luke Fowle 31st (18:36), Jude Gordon 32nd (18:39) and Finlay Macdonald 39th (19:56)​​​

The U15 boys finished 5th overall, they were led home by Ethan Gear 8th (14:05_ followed by Cameron Featherstone 28th (15:08) and Kelechi Ryan 46th in (16:02) to close the team, there was further good packing from Callum Featherstone 49th (16:18) and Finn Rodgers 50th in (16:21).
The U13 boys finished second overall with Alistair Shelley first home in 3rd in (10:20) followed by Hayden Gear 6th in (10:38) and Jay Trimmer 18th in (11:25) who closed the team. The scoring athletes were ably supported by Elliot Chamberlain 29th in (11:47), Kieran Elvy 30th in (11:56), Ethan Rollings 48th (12:31), Robert Wright 57th (12:56) and Noah Ryan 59th in (13:12).

There was a great team effort which ended with some excellent results for the Medway ladies’ senior team. Similar to two weeks ago, Jemma Whyman finished strongly in 18th (20.33) followed by a brilliant run from Kerrie Clarke 29th (21.16) and Jenny Fowler 32nd (21.36) to close the 3-to-score. These were backed up by strong performances from Claire Wilkins 52nd (22.44), Taryne McPherson 53rd (22.46), and Rachael Stewart 61st (23.02) to close the 6-to-score. Bernadette Harrop 67th (23.30) and Mo Fazakerley 78th (24.05). The ladies finished in 4th place out of 19 teams in the 3-to-score and 3rd place out of 13 teams in the 6-to-score

Only 2 runners were available to run I the U17 girls team. Alexandria Baker-Jones placing 24th (23.38) and Millie Morris 29th (24.24).

In the U15 girls Sarah Mitchell had her best run of the season to finished in 18th (17.17). An equally strong run from Emma Ryan 24th (17.39) and newcomer Ruth Campbell 29th (18.09) closed the 3-to-score team. Other results were Martha Tatnell 30th (18.16), Amirah Blackman 39th (19.15), Amy Jukes 46th (20.07), Ciara Harrop 49th (20.22), Erin Hughes (20.35) and Katie Stringer (20.47). The team finished in 5th place.

In the U13s Abigail Royden placed well in 14th (11.52) followed in by Mia Colyer 19th (12.11) and Lilly Crossley 28th (12.30) to close the 3-to-score team. Other results saw Abbe Clarke 36th (12.48), Molly Marsh 41st (13.27) and Emily Moyles 51 (14.30). The team finished in 4th place.

The next race is at Foots Cray Meadows on the 24th November.