Medway & Maidstone Open – Sunday 9th July

Medway & Maidstone AC Open Meeting 09.7.2017

An extremely hot day for the youngsters starting the day’s proceedings and competing in the RJT. Growing in popularity and allowing youngsters from Reception Year to Year 6 to try the shot, long jump and either or both the 75m/600m. It was a busy morning with close to 80 participants.

In the Long Jump there were some great results for Year 5 and Year 6 Medway & Maidstone athletes. Kaz Gogol (Yr 6) leading the way with a jump of 3.91m but close behind Daniel Hardy (Yr 6) 3.84m and Luke Hughes (Yr 5) 3.79m. A great jump for Kenneth George (Yr 4) 3.36m and Bukunmi Edun (Yr 2) 3.22m. With fine jumps for some of our younger athletes, Pola Gogol 1.92m (Yr R) and Eve Wilkins (Yr R) 1.53m.

The Shot Putt also saw some great results with Daniel Hardy (Yr 6) 5.09m, Mitchell Kerr (Yr 6) 4.80m and Max Thorne (Yr 5) 3.46m. Lilly Crossley (Yr 6) 4.19m. One of our youngest, Madeleine Yalekhue in fine form, with a shot of 2.38m.

Some great results in the 75m. Kaz Gogol (Yr 6) 10.64s followed by Daniel Hardy (Yr 6) 10.70. Charlie Rouse (Yr 5) 11.31, Stanley Cook (Yr 5) 11.33 and Scarlett Murphy (Yr 6) leading the girls in 11.42. Some of the younger age groups recording some great times. Jake Poinoosaumy (Yr 4) 11.84m, Bukunmi Edun (Yr 2) 12.51, Lars Bryan (Yr 2) 13.54 and Sienna Redpath (Yr 1) 15.36.

In the 600m, a fine win for Jay Trimmer (Yr 4) 1.56.47 and Scarlett Murphy (Yr 6) 2.04.57. There were also some great times for Charlie Rouse (Yr 5) 2.01.43 Daniel Shoyoye (Yr 5) 2.22.23, Iris Crossley (Yr 4) 2.23.78 and Rose Crossley (Yr 2) 2.31.49. Our youngest athlete David Shoyeye (Yr R) battled away to finish in 3.12.26.

Well done all  the young athletes.

In line with the very successful run-jump-throw events for Under 13s, the older age groups also attracted good numbers for the main events.

The 100m races were very popular as always and there were some outstanding times.  Sub -11 seconds were recorded by Mark Hanson SM (Enfield & Haringay) 10.79, Ishmail Smith-John U23 (Blackheath & Bromley) 10.79 and Joshua Oshunrinde U17 (Medway & Maidstone) 10.91. Other good runs for M & M athletes in the 100m were recorded by Reece Dimech (SM) 11.19, Alex Marshall (U20M) 11.23 and Kieran Isaac (U13B) 12.84.  PBs were recorded by Lorcan Rodgers  U17M 12.56, Nika Najjar (U17W) 13.27, Olivia Humphries (U15G) 14.01, Jack Morris (U13B)14.87, Sam Amoh (U15B) 12.34, Jamie Pearce (U15B) 15.15 and Ameka Shaw (U15G) 14.05.

In the 800m Jake Berry (Medway & Maidstone) was the only athlete to dip under 2.00 minutes with 1.59.74. There were numerous M &M athletes recording PBs: Johannes Sadler (U17M) 2.09.88, George Dadd (U15B) 2.18.97, James Grogan (U17M) 2.20.52, Erin Hughes (U15G) 2.29.43, Millie Morris (U15G) 2.47.48 and Annabel Young (U13G) 2.47.62.  The Featherstone family recorded three great results with Owen (U20) 2.09.13, Cameron (U13B) 2.27.06 and Callum (U13B) 2.30.18, all recording PBs.

In the 300ms David Adeleye (U15B) was the fastest on the day with a PB of 37.12.  Michael Uzozie (U15B) 38.41 and Ethan Burling (U15B) 41.59, both from M & M also had PBs. In  the 400m, the race was won by Akeem Akintokun  of Newham and Essex Beagles (SM) in 49.54. The M & M contingency was led by Conor Murphy (U17M) with a big PB in 51.44.  Alex Marshall (U20M) 53.91 and Jake Berry (U20M) 55.66 recorded their first times at this distance.

In the mile race Reece Perkins (U17M) was the winner with a PB of 5.22.85.  Alun Rogers set (M50) set a new M50 age group club record in 5.45.42.

The final race of the day was the 200ms and a good winning time and PB was posted by Ishmael Smith-John of Blackheath and Bromley in 21.77.  M & M club members with PBs were Lorcan Rodgers (U17M) 25.35, Maya Marriner (U15G) 27.47, Abigail Walters ((U15G) 27.62 and Sandra Obiefuna (U15G) 27.68

In the field events there were 20 entries in the long jump with Conor Murphy (U17M) 5.25 m, Jermain Kervill (U15B) 5.28, Ollie Rodwell (U13B) 3.82 and Abigail Royden (U13G) 3.72 being the outstanding jumps of the day.  In the high jump, James Butcher (U15B), M & M, had a superb jump of 1.63 m in his first meeting and Kelechi Ryan (U13B) had a new PB of 1.25 m.  In the throws, Summer Salter (U15G) had a massive PB in the hammer 34.16 m.  In the shot, club members recording for the first time were Will Burling (Snr) (M60) 8.38 m, Max Eldridge (U15B) 8.23 m and Toby Hughes (U13B) 7.75 m.  Burling also contested the discus for the first time,  21.96 m.  Whilst not breaking any of her PBs, Gypsy Nash (U13G) had a good day with throws of 31.46 m (hammer), 8.11 m (shot) and 26.49 m (discus).

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