SEAA Road Relay Championships – Aldershot – September 2023

There was a great atmosphere at the Road Relay Championships despite a difficult start for many of our earlier teams being unable to arrive in good time, if at all, due to an incident on the M25. In the U13 boys team sadly only one runner, Jack Gregory (12:03), made it to the start line but having a fantastic run over the 3000m course (the same distance for U13s and U15s) in his first experience of road relay running.

The U15 boys team with one team member not making it in time, Freddie Gibson (9:53) led the way, coming through to team mate, Louie Gear in 8th position. Louie Gear (11:56) in 38th position but sadly no one to handover too.

The U15 girls team saw the team finish in 41st position out of 63 teams. Matilda Moisan (14:12) running first in 63rd handing over to Sofia Cudmore-Smith (12:22) return in 53rd. Rose Crossley (11:59) working her way through the field to finish 41st.

The U17 Men’s team saw a strong team effort finishing 23rd out of 68 teams over the 4000m course. Henry Gibson handing over in 38th position (16:08), Frankin Shepherd 23rd (15:16) and Theo Ronchetti holding his position (16:11) for 23rd.

The U17 women had only two team members. Iris Crossley (19:11) returning after the first leg in 32nd and Heidi Hughes (19:37th) in 27th.

The Senior Ladies had two teams entered but unfortunately a late withdrawal due to the traffic problems saw only one of the teams starting. It was a great effort with the team being all U20 athletes. Ella Webb leading the strong field over 6000m returning after a strong run in 36th (23:11), Lily Crossley returning in 50th (27:47), Abigail Royden returning in 40th (24:04) with a strong finish by Lola Sutton in 36th (25:05).

Running the same distance as the ladies of 6000m, Ben Tyler led an impressive field in the Senior Men’s team returning in 49th (19:20). Handing over to Jamie Walsh 45th (19.34). A last minute call up due to a late withdrawal, saw Cameron Featherstone step in and returning in 55th (20:34), Dan St Martin (20:14), Owen Featherstone 52nd (20:55), and Tom Collins finishing in 51st (20:22) out of 106 teams.

Our Masters Men 40 team finished 10th out of 21 teams. Anthony Webb running an impressive 1st leg (19:44) returning in 3rd position, Stephen Turpie, 9th (23:44), Kirill Miryanov, 10th (22:48), Darren Wright, 10th (23:11).

Our Masters Men 50 team fielded a strong team of runners to finish in an impressive 6th place. Lee McMeekin coming through the in 7th position (22:28). Adam Featherstone matching the time and position, 7th (22:28). Gareth Williams moving up to 6th (23:45) and Alun Rogers, 6th (23:05).

Well done to all our runners.