Jim Sheehy

It is with sadness that we have heard that one of our previous coaches, Jim Sheehy, has passed away after a battle with cancer. Jim was involved with the Club for many years coaching at both Medway Park and Sutton Valence and also in many schools. He gave a lot of time to the Club supporting young athletes and disability athletes which I know he was very passionate about.

Jim retired several years ago but would come by from time to time. We are thinking of his family at this sad time. He will be missed.

This is a reminder of some thoughts written by Jim at the time of his retirement.

The time has come…

Today is the day when time dictates what happens next

As I must turn away from routines that are many years of age

When I must step back and pass my beloved participation

Of coaching hundreds maybe thousands of young people

In broadening there minds and abilities in a sport’s participation

That will have stretched curiosity to self-knowledge

Of strengths, frailties and their own abilities in mind and body

In every single one of us, there exists a point of self-belief  

When we realise that we are individually as good as anyone else

At the tasks that we have decided to take on

These may be music, dance, reading, writing, sport and growing-up

Somehow the participation will get through and bring confidence to us

It is ‘our thing’ that we can do and the ‘self’ that we did not know-of

Will have arrived to shape our whole approach to life thereafter

Today, that time has arrived for myself… I retire

© James Sheehy 181217  (155)