Medway Primary Schools Cross-Country League

Medway Primary Schools Cross-country League

The Medway Primary Schools Cross-Country League is a series of off-road races organised by Medway & Maidstone Athletics Club and provides races for girls and boys in School Years 5 and 6 (exceptional Year 4 runners may also run). It is open to all schools within the Medway Unitary Authority region.

Weather permitting, the league will comprise of four separate meetings per season, normally two in Autumn and two in early Spring.  Races will start after school at approximately 4.10 pm; the girls race first, followed by the boy’s race.  Races will be approximately 1500 m in length.

Four perpetual team trophies, donated by Medway & Maidstone Athletics Club, are awarded each year for:

  • The best performing girl team.
  • The best performing boy team
  • The Chris Newman Cup, in memory of Chris Newman, who first established the league, awarded to the school with the best combined girls and boys results.
  • The most improved school.

Individual medals for the best performing girls and boys (1st, 2nd and 3rd) are also awarded each year. 

General league and race rules can be found below

Team Managers can enter their school in a race via the following link

If you have any enquiries relating to the above contact:


1.  Each competing school should nominate a minimum of one contact person (email and school telephone number required)

2. There will be two main team races at each meeting, a girl’s team race and a boy’ team race, runners being from Years 5 and 6 (or exceptional Year 4 runners).  Points will be allocated on the position of runners in the race (1st being awarded 1 point, 2nd 2 points etc).  The team with the lowest number of cumulative match points for all 4 races, at the end of the season will be the winner.

3.  The first four to finish from the same school will score for the ‘A’ team; the second four will score for the ‘B’ team.  For smaller schools or schools with limited entries, there is no requirement for them to enter full ‘A’ and/or‘B’ teams, this allowing for individuals to run without a full team.

4. The winning team will be the one with the lowest number of cumulative match points at the end of the season.  Incomplete teams will be allocated points for each missing runner equal to the number of the last runner plus 1.

5. In the event of a tie in the team race (equal match points after 4 races), at the end of the season, the team with the highest league positions in the 4 races will be the winner.

6. Winners of the individual prizes must complete three of the four races in the series/season. Runner’s best 3 race positions will be used to calculate final individual positions.

7. Winners of the individual medals are calculated on the basis of lowest points (which equates to highest race positions – 1st (1 point), 2nd (2 points), 3rd (3 points) etc). In the event of a tie in the individual races, at the end of the season, the individual with the highest positions in three races of the four races will be declared the winner (for example 1, 1, 4 would beat 2, 2, 2).  If there is still a tie after two or more athlete’s three highest positions are considered, athlete’s positions in the fourth race will then be considered.

8. For clarification, School team league positions consider all four races.  For individuals, 3 races are considered to allow for a runner having to miss one race.

9. Competing/scoring teams may consist of different runners from race to race.


1. The course will be marked with flags.  Marshalls will be positioned at critical points.

2. The wearing of spike shoes at this level is not recommended.

3.  Finishing funnel etiquette should be maintained with athletes staying in the order they cross the line. 

4.Schools must record all those they intend to run, on-line, prior to race day, allowing time for chip timing to be put in place.  Chip for all runners will be distributed prior to each race.  It is down to Team Managers to ensure chips are correctly fitted.  Electronic timing will automatically record runner’s positions and calculate team positions.

5. A full results sheet will be made available as soon as possible after the event and emailed to all relevant parties.

6. All participants should respect runners during the course of each race.  Team Managers should try and prevent non-runners or runners who are not in a particular race from running inside the course (marked by flags), running alongside runners, crowding around the finishing funnel or running across the course.

7. Races may be cancelled due to inclement weather; this decision will normally be taken by the hosting school.